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The Only Christmas Song For Me

... to me, at least. December is always a great time to break out Silver & Gold, the exhaustive, schizophrenic, five-disc, three hour Christmas collection from Sufjan Stevens, released in 2012. Based on all the factors above, actually, December is the only time I can be patient enough to break it out.

Regardless, with a first disc recalling days spent mingling with the Dessner brothers and a trio of final discs that play like an Age of Adz b-side collection, there's enough hear to gratify you if you're a Christmas person but not a Nat King Cole Christmas person. 

"Barcarola (You Must Be A Christmas Tree)" and "Christmas In The Room" are fantastic originals from Sufjan, but my stand-out is his take on "Joy to the World" - typical for a few seconds before breaking down into electronic distress and a lyrical callback to Age of Adz epic "Impossible Soul", then, finally, a slow return to form. It's Christmas for the barely-Christmasy, which is enough Christmas for me.