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Sunday Coffee v11

I've been missing. The last couple weeks I've jet-set to NYC and Boston, spending more time waddling through crowds than listening to actual music. There's a fair bit of inspiration to be found in new places, though, as I continue to plan vacations further away from the nest.

While the highlight of my eight days on the East Coast was certainly FKA twigs and her mesmerizing Congregata show at the Brooklyn Hangar, there was plenty of small moments to appreciate. Circling up in MoMa, dodging rain and umbrella parts in Times Square. Walking out into Fenway Park, watching a foggy skyline from Brooklyn Bridge. Heck, even Tri-State has a different feeling on a plane than it does in a Prairie apartment.

Adjusting to life back in Winnipeg is a slow process. As I catch up on sleep and try to forget excessive subway trips, I bring you my latest mix. Inspired by those more talented than me, I've added spoken word layers to summer tracks from Mura Masa, Lianne La Havas, and Years & Years. Rounding out with the usual deep house is Jacques Lu Cont, workout inspiration from A&B and the massive "43" from iLan Bluestone. 

Beyond this, there's lots of photos to post and new music to talk about. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks - if you have positive vibes, leave them in the comments.