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Sunday Coffee v12

I should be at the beach right now. Unfortunately, another weekend of rain has snuck up on us here in the Prairies, affording me time to learn just enough about Pacemaker to record my first "live" mix. Given that I don't have a headphone splitter and have only had a few of these tracks for a couple days, there's a few rough spots. Maybe you notice, maybe you don't. I'm just living life facts only.

I had lots to be inspired by this week - adding Mat Zo's Damage Control to my library and a number of tracks I had put on a wish list. Some of those are here, mingling with three stunning, brand new tracks. Jai Wolf's "Indian Summer" is a summertime blast, the debut single from the newest signee to ODESZA's young cohort. Goldlink's "Dance On Me" toes the line between rap and drugged-out R&B effortlessly. Finally, Sound Remedy, a more established blog presence than the previous two, has a new single in "Lost" with Marie St. Charles that takes some refreshing liberties with where it punches and where it pulls back.

Other additions include the uplifting "Wanna Be Cool" from Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment (happy vibes), Myan & Shane 54's mix of Above & Beyond's flexible, still excellent "Peace of Mind" (more summer vibes), and Bart Claessen and Tom Fall's classic bootleg of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" (Dr. House vibes). Finally, Arty's latest single with Ray Dalton (of Macklemore fame!) closes as an under-appreciated gem, a massive EDM blast that still isn't getting the circulation it deserves.

I guess, all in all, this is the mix a beach weekend deserves. Only thing that's missing is the weather.