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Sunday Coffee v14

Next weekend, I'm off to Eaux Claires, the least proven festival I've ever been to and something I'm generally curious to experience. Being in the first-timer crew for a festival in a dreary Wisconsin city has its threats, but seeing The National, Sufjan Stevens, and Bon Iver in the same weekend is worth the potential pitfalls.

To pay tribute to the weekend, I've started this week's mix with one of my favourite of Justin Vernon's, his cover of Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk To Me". That's coupled with a pair of deeper cuts, with Lane 8's "Loving You" leading into Dusky's incredible "Skin Deep". That strong vocal sample bleeds into the old school "Zero Gravity" remix from Above & Beyond and Arty's earth-shattering take on A&B's "Peace of Mind". Jason Ross closes things off, as he did with one of the first mixes I put together. He's had an unquestionably great year, and "Ravenna" continues the worldly sound he's been able to repeat over and over.