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Sunday Coffee v15

Here's something different. After a good collection week, I have more new songs from all over the music radar than I know what to do with. Rather than the usual formula, I figured I'd drop them into the mix and let you enjoy them as much as I have.

We get things started with the heartfelt "Deadwater" from Wet, a song with layers of early Weeknd-style R&B to melt into some brilliant production - one of the best songs I've heard this year. After that, "Edmonbomb" from Stefana Fratila recalls Geidi Primes with more beautiful eccentricism before Lane 8's excellent, warped "Cosi".

Is "Sparks" the best Beach House song ever? The full-on embrace of MBV shoegaze is admirable, but the fact that it sounds this good is totally surprising to me. It's a pinnacle on the otherwise disappointing Depression Cherry and it's here, followed by Cyril Hahn's dreamy "Grace" with Kotomi and the buzzy, floating pop of Pure Bathing Culture. Mas Ysa's brilliant ode to growing up in "Margarita" leads to a closing from Courtney Barnett (I did NOT get this track from BoJack Horseman, ok??) and, yes, CHVRCHES.