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Sunday Coffee v5

You know those weeks where the big picture comes crashing in? Where you look at all the work you have left to reach your long-term goals and you just roll up in a ball?

This week was one of those weeks.

I want to set the bar high for myself, but when I consider everything I've set out, it does get somewhat ridiculous. My goals for 2015? Commit to a freelancer's work ethic outside of a full-time job. Be on time and reliable at work every day. Run a half marathon in two hours. Send more pitches and do more creative sports writing. Open up the GMAT books again and prepare for grad school.

It's easy for me to fall into lulls and almost achieve these things. Sometimes, my head spins at the thought of everything and I just put my head in the sand. I'll focus on the easiest thing and pretend that's helping me accomplish the harder things (a.k.a. a lot of stress cleaning).

I'm starting to think my real task for 2015 should be to set better, more realistic short-term paths on the road to long-term goals. Three years out of college, it's hard to suddenly flip a switch and create a work ethic that isn't driven by a deadline. I've never been as self-motivated as I want to be and I know that will power is a finite resource. 

This week, I rolled up into a ball. Next week, I'll get back up and keep climbing.

The mix this week returns to an old favourite, the BBC Essential Mix of the Year for 2012 by Above  & Beyond. Running long distances has opened my eyes to trance, as I've detailed before. I really enjoy this mix more than others, though, because Above & Beyond's Group Therapy sound adds a level of intensity to their trance; a bit of motivation over sleepy repetition. It really is effective for pounding away kilometres, with those little bits of film quotes breaking up the drone, adding a bit of comedy and sense of time to the excellence. Try it for your next workout. I promise you'll get #goals, or whatever.