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Footnotes from February

Footnotes from January

Some footnotes from April and May

With the Raptors in a playoff run that's gone well beyond my early expectations, the last six weeks have been a bit of a blur. Here's a few links to things I've done, if you're curious to see.

The Raptors are better than the Pacers, and it's showing - April 22, 2016
After another Raptors collapse, the future will be decided Sunday night - April 30, 2016
The Raptors will be tested by the Miami Heat, and it'll be crazy fun - May 2, 2016
Kyle Lowry is back, and that changes everything for the Raptors - May 9, 2016
Lessons from Game 6, and what the Raptors must do to win Game 7 - May 14, 2016

I've also been hosting a post-game online radio show called HQ Overtime, which gets our writers analyzing the games right after the final buzzer. If you want to check out the archives, they're all up on iTunes. Here's the Game 7 show from the Heat series, with Justin Rowan from Fear the Sword.

Finally, I've been doing a number of interviews on radio and television to chat about the Raptors and all their successes. Here's a couple hits from CTV News Channel.